What is a Death Midwife?

I am excited to announce I have finally completed all three training levels to become a Death Midwife! I realized after my Dad died how much I didn’t understand about death and the dying process. Mainly because, like grief, we rarely talk about it. As a result, I often felt helpless and uninformed on what my Dad was going through and the many of the choices we were asked to make. I really wanted to take this training to be able to talk about death so I could be better prepared as well as have discussions with my family.


A Death Midwife includes the roles of death doula, spiritual counselor, end-of-life caregiver, home funeral guide, funeral planner and celebrant. Death Midwives guide and support individuals and their families through all three stages of the dying process:

BEFORE… upon notice of terminal diagnosis or life-limiting illness

DURING…active dying and death, and

AFTER…unexpected death, final rites, burial or cremation, funeral or memorial and bereavement.

“A Death Midwife shepherds individuals toward a conscious dying experience; guides loved ones in after-death care of the body and empowers families to create personal and deeply meaningful funerals at home.” Sacred Crossings


Death Midwife services include but are not limited to:

– In-home, hospital, or nursing home visits with the family and their loved-one

– Detailed reporting to next-of-kin unable to visit

– Emergency room support after unexpected death

– Holding space while life-support is discontinued

– Support with stillborn and infant death and bringing baby home for a home funeral

– Finding a local, reputable hospice to meet a loved-ones needs

– Assistance with completing advance directives for health care and death care

– Assistance with fulfilling final wishes, healing relationships, and putting things in order

– Spiritual support including guided imagery, meditations, etc. to help alleviate anxiety and suffering

– Guidance with completing the life-review and legacy project

– Help with writing an autobiography or creating a video-biography as a legacy to loved one

– Guidance with after death care of the body for a home vigil and funeral

– Coordinating with funeral home for transportation and cremation

– Assistance with funeral planning

– Celebrant to officiate funerals, memorials and graveside services

I will keep you posted as we begin to incorporate some of these services into our offerings.


Sending you love, comfort and peace!