Spiritual Benefits of Reiki When Grieving

Grief affects you spiritually in many different ways. You may feel disconnected, stuck, fearful and frustrated. You may find it difficult to find the joy in life or connect with the world around you. For these reasons, it is important to find a way to stay spiritually balanced when grieving.

Reiki has the ability to provide you with spiritual benefits. This happens because Reiki has the ability to unblock and balance your emotional centers so you are more connected to your soul. Being connected with your soul helps you to better handle the spiritual aspects associated with your grief. Following are some of the spiritual benefits of Reiki when you are grieving.


Following are the spiritual benefits of Reiki when you are grieving:

Connect with a Higher Power – Grief can often make you feel disconnected from your own spirituality when you are grieving. You might even feel like you have lost belief or faith in yourself or even in a higher power. You may begin to question everything. Reiki helps you to reconnect with yourself on a spiritual level by balancing and enhancing the energy of your seventh chakra. This helps you feel more oneness with your true self. It may also help you to feel a part of something bigger than yourself. It may even bring you comfort in knowing although your loved one may not be here physically there is a spiritual connection to them!

Deal with Difficult Challenges – Grief can make you feel overwhelmed. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with the difficult challenges associated with grief. These can be as the result of medical or legal decisions that have to be made or changing family dynamics as a result of losing your loved one. These difficulties may even cause you to lose hope. Reiki helps by balancing and renewing the energy in your fifth chakra so you begin to believe everything will work out for your higher good. This helps you to get through these difficult times in one piece.

Take a New Perspective – The death of your loved one can leave you with a new perspective about your life, career, and even your friends. For me, my grief brought my career to the forefront. I realized it hadn’t been fulfilling for a very long time. Reiki balances your second chakra so that you feel secure and open to change. Finding the courage to make a change can give you the sense of freedom you’ve been longing for but have been afraid to initiate.

Heal Relationships and Situations – Losing someone you love reminds you how precious life can be. It also reminds you how you really don’t know how much time you may have left. As a result, you may want to heal relationships and situations in your life that may be causing you pain. Reiki can help to open your fourth chakra so you can experience forgiveness, unconditional love and healing. As your soul begins to open, you can feel this love and trust for those around you become a part of your being again.

Awaken Intuitive Abilities – Grief can shut down your intuition. Those gut feelings go away and you end up not feeling much at all. This could lead to bad decisions or even accidents while you are grieving. Reiki balances your sixth chakra to enhance your clairs, including claircognizance and clairvoyance. As a result, you have a heightened understanding of the people and situations around you. You may even begin to see and/or feel your deceased loved one around you.


Excerpt from Grief Reiki – An Integrated Approach to the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Components of Grief and Loss, Chapter 15, Spiritual Benefits of Reiki.

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!