Signs and Messages from Our Loved Ones

Signs and messages from my loved ones are what kept me going when I was grieving. They reminded me that our connection to someone lives long after they die. Although death brings about the end of your physical relationship, it does not end your spiritual and emotional bonds. Signs and messages are reminders of these connections. They can bring so much comfort and hope. They can show love transcends death. They can also show that love can get you through just about anything, even heartbreak. After Joy and John’s deaths, I could have swaddled myself up in the pain and stopped living my own life. But they made sure I didn’t do that by sending me signs to remind me they were still around. I know they are always around me cheering me on and offering me comfort when I need it most. My life is better because these reminders.

Your loved ones want to tell you they are okay so they are happy to send you signs. Once you ask for them, you will see them everywhere. It could be as simple as a butterfly or rainbow. It could be as complex as a realistic dream or a song that comes on the radio right at the exact moment you are thinking about them. It could be a birthdate that shows up repeatedly on the clock. These are not coincidences. My friend whose Dad had passed away started finding pennies and dimes everywhere she looked. Sometimes in the strangest of places. Her sock drawer for example. Since her Dad had been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), it made complete sense he would send her pennies and dimes What better sign is there for a CPA than leaving a coin!

Types of Signs & Messages

Here are a few signs and messages you might receive:

Animals or Birds. You may see an animal who looks like your deceased pet. You may see your loved one’s favorite animal. You may even see an animal that represents something about your deceased loved one. For example, you may begin to see horses because your loved one loved watching the Kentucky Derby. One of the first signs I got from John after he died was a pelican. What’s funny to me is that I am not a big fan of birds. He knew that too. One landed on my head when I was little and the rest is history. Consequently, I have never watched the movie, The Birds. Maybe sending a pelican was John’s way of joking with me from the other side. I found it very touching. It meant he hadn’t lost his sense of humor which made seeing those pelicans all the more endearing.

Dream Visitations. Often your loved ones will visit you in your dreams. This is because you are more open to the other side when sleeping. When a visitation happens you will feel like the dream was very real. My first dream visitation happened a few years after my maternal Grandmother died. It felt so real that I woke up crying. I remembered every detail. At the time I had no idea what any of it meant. In fact, I discounted it even happened. It wasn’t until years later that I realized, after many instances like the one from my Grandmother, our loved ones are often just a dream away.

Feelings. Sometimes you have to admit you just “feel” your loved one. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or a kiss on your cheek. Maybe it’s something you wouldn’t tell another living soul but you know it happened. Over the years of working with Reiki, I have learned to “feel” the energy around me. There are times when I can be sitting watching TV and I just know John is there. The energy next to me actually changes. When Joy died, one of the first things I experienced was feeling like my hair was being stroked (in fact I feel it while I am writing this). If I had told anyone they would have thought I was crazy. But you know what you feel. You would swear on it. This is another way your loved ones can reach out to you.

Nature. You may have already seen a butterfly, dragonfly or rainbow and thought of it as a sign from your loved one. Flowers can also be a sign. For example, your Grandma loved yellow roses. After she died you have seen yellow roses everywhere. Even the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas” played on the radio right after you had been thinking about your Grandma. Don’t feel the urge to brush this sign off as a coincidence. Like I always tell my children “There are no such things as coincidences!”

Numbers. Seeing repetitive or specific numbers associated with your loved one can also be a sign. You may see your loved ones’ Birthday or Grief Anniversary dates on clocks, cash register receipts, license plates, billboards or as telephone numbers. Waking up at the same time in the middle of the night may also be a sign. Maybe it is the time of death of your loved one. Maybe it is your loved one’s favorite number. For me, I had given John the nickname “007” many years ago. I can’t count how many times I have seen these numbers on license plates, cash register receipts and phone numbers exactly when I was thinking about him!

Smells. Perfume or cologne, cigarettes or cigars, favorite flowers or foods are common smells. But if you are smelling these things, especially a perfume you don’t wear, when you are alone it may mean someone is sending you a message. After Joy died I smelled her perfume everywhere. I knew it was her way of telling me she was still around.

Sounds. There are many types of sounds that manifest as signs. Music is a common sign because it always connects people. For example, you can associate a song with a person or an event. When you hear this song after they die, it is a reminder of them or the event. Sometimes just the lyrics of a song can say something you need to hear at that moment. Other sounds could include a voice, telephone, bells or chimes, door slamming, or something falling. These are signs from your loved one!

Sights. Have you ever looked over and swear you saw your loved one only to blink your eyes and realize it was someone totally not like them? Maybe you have seen flashes of light or a dark shadow out of the corner of your eye. Maybe you have seen your loved ones face in a photograph that was taken after they died. This may be their way of letting you know they are near.

When you receive a sign or a message, always make sure to say “Thank You”. I am sure it isn’t as easy as we might think for our loved ones to make these signs or messages happen. It probably takes quite a bit of their energy. It’s always important to let them know you truly appreciate their efforts. If you do, there may be more just be around the corner!


Meditation:  Thank You

Thank you for the signs and messages you are sending.

They help me to know you are okay.

They bring me great comfort and seem to always be exactly what I need.

They are appreciated more than you will ever know.

And so it is.


Excerpt from Grief Reiki – An Integrated Approach to the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Components of Grief and Loss, Chapter 12, Spiritual Awareness.

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!