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Grief Reiki® – An Integrated Approach to the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Components of Grief and Loss is the culmination of everything the author, Sharon Ehlers, learned while on her own grief journey. It describes the three components of grief and how each one affects us when we are grieving. Addressing just one component doesn’t help us. We really have to harmonize all three to move forward.


“FIRST OF ITS KIND . . . Grief Reiki offers a simple, easy to understand approach combining the gentle practice of Japanese energy healing with self-love. It’s the first of its kind, and just brilliant!” -LYNDA CHELDELIN FELL, National Grief & Hope Coalition


“WONDERFULLY WRITTEN. . . Sharon Ehlers’ thorough knowledge of the subject matter, her encouragement and her compassion go into creating a masterpiece that will touch the lives of many.” -SANDY EVANS PULLIN, Reiki Master/Teacher


“EXCELLENT BOOK ON GRIEF AND WAYS TO HEAL. . . This book is helpful for anybody struggling with and wanting to understand ways to heal from grief. I not only learned about the benefits of reiki, which I am trying for the first time in a couple weeks, but the author also explains grief from an emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective, including her own personal experience.” –CATHY CHESHIRE, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


“MAGNIFICENT REIKI AND GRIEF RESOURCE. . . Sharon has created a dynamic and unique resource for those who want to understand the energy healing modality called Reiki, as well as something for those who are seeking comfort and programs to help them in the grieving process. Sharon has created a beautiful blend of information and interactive tools to help us on our grief journey, all of which are easy to follow and understand. It’s a gift that will give for generations to come.” –ANNAH ELIZABETH, The Five Facets of Healing






Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss By Suicide, a three-time National Literary Award Finalist, is part of the Grief Diaries series. It shares the poignant stories of people who have all lost someone they love. Covering tender issues such as surviving the funeral and transition, navigating the holidays, handling sensitive questions and more, Surviving Loss by Suicide is a wonderful source of comfort for all who share the journey, and offers a treasured reminder that none of us walk this journey alone.


“CRITICALLY IMPORTANT . . . I want to say what you are doing is so critically important.” –DR. BERNICE A. KING, Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King


“STUNNING . . . Grief Diaries treats the reader to a rare combination of candor and fragility through the eyes of the bereaved. Delving into the deepest recesses of the heartbroken, the reader easily identifies with the diverse collection of stories and richly colored threads of profound love that create a stunning read full of comfort and hope.” –DR. GLORIA HORSLEY, Founder & President of Open to Hope Foundation


“INCREDIBLE . . . Thank you so much for doing this project. It’s absolutely incredible!”–JULIE MJELVE, Founder, Grieving Together


“SUICIDE TO HOPE. . . Suicide has long been considered a weak, inconsiderate form of handling death or problems in life. Most people do not realize this is a mental illness. People get so depressed they think suicide is the only way to rid themselves and their loved ones of pain. This book is heartbreaking but full of hope and how others dealt with suicide. You are not alone.” –FIVE STAR AMAZON REVIEW