Online Academy

Online Course – Grief Reiki® Healing Program (For Reiki Practitioners)

Purpose: Our first-of-its-kind Grief Reiki® Healing Program is open to new or experienced Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters and demonstrates how Reiki and other spiritually-based tools can help a griever to heal. In this educational program, students learn how to emotionally, physically, and spiritually guide others who are navigating their grief journeys. Grief Reiki® Energy Healers are trained to better understand what a griever experiences, so they can provide support through the ups and downs associated with loss.

Part 1 – The Basics (Length: 64 Minutes)

Part 2 – The Emotional (Length: 52 Minutes)

Part 3 – The Physical (Length: 45 Minutes)

Part 4 – The Spiritual (Length: 39 Minutes)

Total Length: 3 Hours 30 Minutes


Online Course – How To Heal When Grieving (For Grievers)

Purpose: Have you wondered how to move forward after a loss when your mind, body and soul feel broken? Emotionally, you may feel like your mind is in a fog. Physically, you may feel completely disassociated from your body or like your heart is broken and battered. Spiritually you may be questioning everything you thought you knew about life. In the How to Heal When Grieving course, you will learn how various techniques, including the Japanese art of Reiki, help you to heal specifically while you are grieving.

Part 1 – The Basics (Length: 33 Minutes)

Part 2 – The Emotional (Length: 18 Minutes)

Part 3 – The Physical (Length: 23 Minutes)

Part 4 – The Spiritual (Length: 20 Minutes)

Total Length: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Webinar – Healing With Reiki

Purpose: Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s not a coincidence that the symptoms associated with grieving and the benefits of Reiki almost match each other one-for-one. Reiki energy knows right where to go to balance and heal. In this webinar you will discover how Reiki can help ease the pain of grieving. You will also receive Handouts with additional details on the activities and techniques discussed in this webinar.

Length: 35 Minutes


Webinar – Introduction to Grief Recovery

Purpose:  Learn what is meant by Grief Recovery. Understand how Grief Recovery teaches you the emotional skills to heal your heart and enhance your life if you are having trouble getting back to living fully after loss.

Length: 23 Minutes


Webinar – Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

Purpose: Explore how to complete the grieving process and move beyond loss. Grief doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. Learn about commonly understood myths about grief, including the so-called Five Stages. Find out what you can do to release the emotional pain caused by the more than 40 different life experiences that can cause grief, including death, divorce, retirement and moving.

Length: 50 Minutes


Webinar – Beyond the Casserole

Purpose: Learn how to help a grieving friend or loved one.  Begin to understand loss from the griever’s point of view, and how you, as family, friend, coworker or concerned community member can help. You will learn practical tips for helping a griever, including what to say and what not to say.

Length: 35 Minutes


Webinar – Dealing with Pet Loss

Purpose: For a pet owner, losing their beloved furry family member is often intense. Their pets were there for them when others were not. Sometimes they are someone’s one true companion. Unlike their human counterparts, pets listen without any analysis, criticism, or judgment. Learn how to help yourself or someone who is grieving the loss of a pet. Understand why it is so hard when you lose a pet. Know what to do and what not to do for a grieving pet owner.

Length: 30 Minutes


Webinar – Helping Children Grieve

Purpose: Few subjects are more terrifying to adults discussing grief and loss to a child. This may be because very few adults have any formal training in understanding how to effectively deal with grief themselves. What little training we have had usually revolves around things that we have heard others say at a time of loss. These things, although well meaning, are not usually helpful. Learn what to do (and what not to do) to help children who are grieving. Also learn what to do (and what not to do) when taking a child to a funeral.

Length: 35 Minutes