Mediums, Psychics and Psychic Mediums

After my best friend’s death, I gravitated to learning more about mediums in an effort to better understand if she was okay. I had grown up Catholic and had been taught suicide was a mortal sin. If so, what did that mean for her? Was she “trapped” somewhere for the rest of eternity? Was she “locked out” of Heaven? I know it sounds silly but no one I knew had ever died by suicide. I hoped a Medium would help me to know if she was okay. Heck maybe even I would be able to get me a message directly from her.

Despite my eagerness, I proceeded with caution especially since I live in Los Angeles where people professing to be Mediums are on every street corner. First, I did my research on who was reputable and made a list. However, I chickened out and never made an appointment. I guess my fears (or maybe it was the cost) got the best of me. If you decide to go down the path of finding a Medium, make sure you thoroughly check them out first. Ask for referrals. The last thing you need when you are grieving is someone who takes advantage of your grief or ends up making you feel worse.

So now that I have brought up the “M” word, you may also be wondering about Psychics. Is there a difference between a Medium and a Psychic? And what is a Psychic Medium? It’s important you understand the distinctions. The differences between a Medium and a Psychic are:


Mediums communicate with the deceased or spirit world. They receive messages directly from spirit. They use their clair senses (see below) to interpret the information they receive.


Psychics see the past, present and future. It is said they “perceive” whereas a medium “receives.” Psychics often work with tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry, astrological charts, tea leaves and runes.

And what is a psychic medium?


Psychic Mediums use both psychic and medium abilities. They receive information from the spirit world then interpret the information using their psychic abilities.

Bottom line, if you want to know what is going on in your past, present or future, see a Psychic. If you want to communicate with someone who has died, a Medium or Psychic Medium would be your choice. I have never had a personal reading from a Psychic or Psychic Medium, although I have been to a Medium. The reading I received from the Medium brought me a great sense of peace.

My advice to you is if you decide to get a reading from either a Medium or Psychic Medium, don’t have high expectations about getting a message. There is a very good chance that your loved one may not come through. This could lead to disappointment and more sadness.

Just be open to whatever happens!


Here is a list of well-known Mediums and Psychic Mediums  you may want to check out:

George Anderson                          

Sylvia Browne                                

Theresa Caputo                             

Chip Coffey                                    

John Edward                                 

Tyler Henry                                   

John Holland                                

Colby Psychic Rebel                    

Monica Ten-Kate                         

James Van Praagh                       

Lisa Williams                                

Thomas John                               


Sending you love, comfort and peace!