How Grief Can Bring Hope

Seems like HOPE is the last thing anyone would be feeling if they are grieving. You are probably right. But feelings of hope have tremendous healing powers. Studies have shown that having a sense of hope can help people recover from tragedy. Finding ways to bring hope into your life can help you to heal even while you are grieving.

Hope equates to believing something good can happen. When you are grieving, something good happening is the last thing you expect. Nothing seems good anymore. Your world is forever changed. You just drag yourself through each day lost in sadness. It’s hard to find hope when you are feeling that way.


Pay Attention to the Signs. Knowing your loved ones are still around can give you a sense of hope. Look for the butterflies, songs on the radio, or pennies on the ground. Don’t second guess what you are experiencing. Don’t brush it off. Don’t try to find an explanation. Signs cannot be explained. They have to be felt with the heart. They have to be believed with the soul.

Distance Yourself From Negativity. Grieving is tough. Don’t add to it by surrounding yourself with negative people or situations. This will only bring you down further. Seek out positive people who support you and emotionally healthy environments where you feel safe.

Babysit. There is a quote that says, “Sometimes you just need to talk to a two-year-old so you understand life again.” This is so true. Who can teach us more about hope than a small child? Babysitting can be a way of finding hope again.

Set Small Goals. You can’t go from hopeless to hopeful with the snap of your fingers. But you can set small goals to help you move in that direction. Get through one hour, then one day then one week, then one month. Focus on one thing to help get you there. Hope will show up as a result of even your smallest action.

Pray. You don’t have to be religious to pray. In fact, meditation can be a form of prayer. You can pray for yourself. You can pray for others. Either way prayer helps you express gratitude and find hope. Ultimately prayer centers your heart and increases your awareness on what matters most. Isn’t that what life is all about?

For me, once I started receiving signs and messages from my loved ones, things changed. I began to find hope again. I was reminded that my loved ones are really never far away. This feeling of hope helped me to make it through another day. Then another. I finally found comfort. Death seemed less “final”. Less absolute. My pain was diminished. My mind began to open. I began to recognize synchronicities. I began to feel my loved ones next to me. I began to see the signs they were sending to me. I began to believe in a better tomorrow. Then I actually had a better tomorrow. Pretty soon, hope started to heal my heart. I began to see life’s beauty again. The blue sky. The sunsets. I began to take nothing for granted. My family. My friends. Hope helped me to emerge from two powerful tragedies. Maybe it will do the same for you.


Excerpt from Grief Reiki – An Integrated Approach to the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Components of Grief and Loss, Chapter 6, Letting Go.

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Sending you love, comfort and peace!