Holiday Grief Tips Anytime Webinar

The Grief Reiki® Academy is proud to offer our Anytime Webinar, Holiday Grief Tips. It is part of our grief and healing webinar series: Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds, Introduction to Grief Recovery, Healing with ReikiBeyond the Casserole, Helping Children Grieve, and Dealing with Pet Loss. Watch from the comfort of your home anytime it is convenient for you. And the best part is that for a limited time all the webinars are FREE.  You will also receive access to an eBook with each webinar.


The Holidays can bring some of the toughest days of the year especially if you are grieving. They are another reminder the people we love are no longer around. This could be as the result of a death, break-up, divorce, move or other loss-related event. In this webinar, you will discover why facing the Holidays can be so hard. You will also receive 20 practical tips for getting through the Holidays after loss. Length: 25 Minutes

You will also receive access to the free eBook:

1) Holiday Grief Tips



Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds – Find out what you can do to release the emotional pain caused by the more than 40 different life experiences that can cause grief, including death, divorce, and moving. Length: 50 Minutes

Introduction to Grief Recovery – Learn what is meant by Grief Recovery. Understand how Grief Recovery teaches you the emotional skills to heal your heart and enhance your life if you are having trouble getting back to living fully after loss. Length: 23 Minutes

Healing with Reiki – Discover how Reiki can help ease the pain of grieving. Length: 35 Minutes

Beyond The Casserole – Begin to understand loss from the griever’s point of view, and how you, as family, friend, coworker or concerned community member can help.  Length: 35 Minutes

Helping Children Grieve – Explore how to help a child you know who may be grieving. Length: 35 Minutes

Dealing with Pet Loss – Discover how to help yourself or someone you know who is grieving the loss of a pet. Length: 30 Minutes


Sending you love, comfort and peace!